Waiting for Hero

You are inexorably waiting for your hero!

Sometimes life is tiring and taking all the responsibility can feel heavy. We hope you meet your hero who will save you from many responsibilities and problems, but he may never come.

Inside you hope for a miraculous change. You often have a strong desire for drastic, miraculous changes in life circumstances. You may believe that the Savior will bring about transformations beyond normal human abilities. This can make you emotionally fragile.

Individuals waiting for a savior may be emotionally vulnerable and seek emotional support and approval from the savior figure. Without this external validation, they may feel a sense of emptiness or inadequacy.

When you meet someone you see as your hero, you may idealize them. Those who expect a savior tend to idealize the person or entity they believe will save them. They can attribute almost magical qualities to this figure and see him as someone who can do no wrong.

As a result, there is no problem looking for your hero. You will find it one day. But you may need to take some responsibilities yourself and never give up on them so you don’t get emotionally worn out.