How Do I Delete My Shein Account?

How to delete my shein : Shein is the international fashion e-commerce platform and company established in 2008. Company’s philosophy is ” everyone can experience the beauty of fashion”. The company usually offers products on women’s wear, but you can also find men’s clothing, kids’ clothes, shoes and other fashion products..

How Do I Delete My Shein Account?
how do i delete my shein account?

How to delete my shein: Shein wants to expand into European, American, Australian and Middle Eastern markets. Shein ships your order from nearest warehouse with websites supporting the United States, the Middle East, Italy, France, Spain, Russia, Australia and Germany. Shein has always aimed to offer us high quality fashion products.

How Do I Delete My Shein Account?
How Do I Delete My Shein Account?

How can I delete my Shein Account from the Application?

Firstly, open the Shein application and login to Shein. Then click on these buttons

Me > Support > Customer Service

You cannot see “delete my account” on your screen. Therefore, click on Customer Service button.

After, Question type > Account Issue in the form that opens, you see “describe your question here” and you should write “please delete my Shein account” here. After that send it.

You can view your service record and see your application for deleting account this link “ “.  You can see it from Profile > Support > Service Records.

When answered your application they want your e-mail address that you use to register. You should send your e-mail address.

Now, you will wait for our transaction to take place. They will not send you any notifications so you should check your account has been deleted. If your account deleted permanently the we see the warning “The Email Address or Password, you entered” is incorrect.

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